"Marvin Meets Miles" with Johnny Britt

"Marvin Meets Miles"  concert series  - at Love's Jazz and Arts Center. Interview with Katie Raine and Johnny Britt. Watch this exclusive interview with Britt and Katie Raine -  He's also a singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and composer and has soundtrack work in La La Land and Hidden Figures.

Art and Healing Mural - Intermedia Arts Building

Art and Healing - Intermedia Arts Building - Minneapolis


Call for Compassion

Thirteen visual artists joined forces...

"This is product of a recent call for visual artists and community members to help create a work of art that amplifies the love and compassion we would like to see in the world. As an organization we want to support the actions being taken to fight injustice. We also recognize the need for safe and healing space inside and outside our walls. With those goals in mind, we aimed to create a new beginning with our exterior walls that fosters the interconnectivity between all of our artistic communities. In light of continued global tragedies, police brutality, and violence happening to people of color, indigenous people, and the queer/trans community, we would like our exterior walls to become a sounding board for social change. Together, our community created a new mural on our back wall that holds the concept of love and compassion, and relates to conversations that take place in our space."

Special shout out to Artist Reggie LeFlore for arranging and creating the above collaborative flow. more info on artist and upcoming projects - http://ral86.com/


Flock House Project | Mary Mattingly

What if migratory homes with autonomous systems for rainwater collection and food production were the building blocks of the city of the future? Mary Mattingly brought her Flock House Project to the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts giving Omaha residents the opportunity to consider how urban landscapes might look in decades to come. Inspired by patterns of global human migration and pilgrimage, the Flock House Project is a group of mobile, sculptural, public habitats and self-contained ecosystems that are movable, modular, and scalable. This multi-phase project is part fantastic and part practical. Its kicks off began in Omaha on March 13, 2014, with an exhibition of Mattingly’s previous work at the Bemis Center. Unlike traditional exhibitions, however, the display served as the artist’s active research hub while she was in residence at the Bemis Center, offering a space where she could engage the local community to develop plans for, and fabricate, new mobile living systems to be installed outdoors at both the Bemis Center in the Old Market and at Carver Bank in North Omaha. Omaha artists were then nvited to occupy these living systems in order to promote and implement a broader integration between Omaha’s creative and urban design communities.

Artist Katie Raine focused her project on nourishing the body with fresh produce through local gardening and feeding the mind through creative artist collaboration, promoting growth of self and community. She shared simple techniques for starting your own garden as well as engaging in various artistic experiences. Throughout the week, everyone was invited to explore and share how they experience creative growth by creating their own personal square for a community Dream Quilt created and displayed at Bemis Center Omaha.

Carver Bank Flock House Info Click Here

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Fall Workshops 2013 | Spring & Summer Workshops 2014

Each summer, fall and spring, Carver Bank offers free workshops to youth and adults. Here's a view of Katie Raine working on projects along with Summer Raine Events LLC brand for the Fall and Spring/Summer Workshops with Carver Bank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ihn7M2BNCY

Carver Bank | //www.facebook.com/carverbankomaha 


Artist Showcase | Mangelsens Big Art Event 2013

Every year at Mangelsen's Family Craft Store, guests can enjoy appetizers and beverages while browsing an annual gallery of local art. This is also the art show in which you are the judge! Pick your favorite pieces of art in three different categories: Youth, Novice and Professional. In 2013 Katie Raine submitted her self portrait piece "When in Rome I Dream " 

Mixed Medium | Photography 


Put Yourself on the Map | University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Katie Thomas immersed herself in Chinese culture with a summer study abroad trip through UNL's College of Business Administration. She visited Shanghai and Beijing, hiked the great wall and interned for an international company. Thomas says her new global view will help as she puts the finishing touches on her business plan for an event planning company she hopes to open after graduation.